Tiffany Kieu_Theatrical Headshot 2 Tiffany Kieu was born and raised in Orange County, California.  Her step into stardom came in 7th grade when she enrolled in Drama to conquer a  fear of public speaking.  Her parents quickly steered her away from the  performing arts, so she eventually found her way back to her  passion after graduating with a Biological Sciences degree from UC  Irvine in 2011.  Now, she’s clear to ride that passion straight to the  top. Although  acting is her passion, she still finds time to give back to her  community by working as a middle school and high school tutor when she  can. Tiffany currently studies the craft under Eric Morris and  Jack Stehlin with Alfred Molina, and is an active member of hereandnow  Theatre Company, The New American Studio Ensemble and The Promenade  Players.  Whenever you get an opportunity to experience the artistry of Tiffany, she takes you on a journey from struggle to love.  She does not forget to  have fun.  “What’s acting if you have no life experience from which to  pull” says Tiffany.