hereandnow is a compelling theatre company that tours across the nation performing a variety of theatrical vignettes which present the unique Asian American perspectives of its cast.

hereandnow theatre company was founded in 1989 by John Miyasaki, with a group of young Asian Americans frustrated by the lack of non-stereotypical roles in plays, musicals, television and film.  From its humble beginnings at East Los Angeles College hereandnow has had over 200 cast members and performed at over 300 colleges and universities.

While being Artists-in-Residence at Pasadena Armory Center for the Arts hereandnow has also become a producer having staged seasons since 2001 throughout the LA area.

Traditionally, hereandnow brings their stories to college venues, conferences and festivals as well as expanding to bringing a new forty-five minute high school presentation.

Along with its touring shows and productions, hereandnow has also been commissioned by various organizations to promote causes and awareness about social issues from the community.  Such comissions include the “Day of Remembrance” by the National Coalition for Redress and Reparation, and “World Aids Day” by the Pasadena Health Department.